AWS Communications’ Bobby “Mack” McClung named to ETA 5G Standards Committee

AWS Communications CEO Bobby “Mack” McClung has been named to the ETA 5G Standards Committee by Committee Chairman, Patrick McNerney.  The 5G Committee will be providing input and guidance into the development of emerging 5G network standards. The 8-member committee is tasked with developing curriculum and industry best practices for the design, construction and testing of new 5G networks.

ETA International is preparing the industry for the transition to 5G by offering “5G for Technicians” certification courses, such as the one linked below. The courses will offer a complete background in 5G standards and include a certificate upon successful completion. The first certification course will be held at the IWCE Conference March 4-8, 2019, in Las Vegas, NV. For more information, visit or

“I am honored to be chosen along with the AWS team to assist in the continued evolution of wireless telecom network best practices. I am looking forward to collaborating with ETA Committee Chairman, Patrick McNerney, and the rest of the group in this important effort.” says McClung, Chief Executive Officer of AWS Communications.

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