DAS and Network Consulting

Navigate the minefield of public safety DAS codes

With public safety DAS now mandated by more municipalities nationwide, getting new and existing infrastructure into compliance can be extremely challenging.

AWS Communications can assist any property owner with the byzantine national, state and local codes regarding public safety DAS installations. Our end-to-end solution gives you a comprehensive plan for fully compliant installations, resulting in approvals and most importantly, certificates of occupancy and compliance.

AWS’ complete public safety DAS consulting services are available to any organization. Please contact us today for more details.

Cellular DAS Consulting

With dependable commercial cellular service a mandatory requirement for today’s commercial real estate, property owners and managers now have a dedicated resource for implementing in-building reception.

AWS Communications can provide complete network design and carrier coordination to ensure your project is successful and fully approved by all carriers.

We help you take your project from concept to completion, and work with all necessary entities to reach a successful outcome. To learn more, contact us today.

AWS: The Comprehensive End-to-End Solution for Your DAS and Network Consulting Project





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