State of Texas DIR Services

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State of Texas DIR Services

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Chris Hogan
Business Development
Mobile: 210-737-4009

DIR Cooperative Contracts

DIR-CPO-4790 Appendix C Pricing Index

DIR Cooperative Contracts Program

Vendor Performance Receipt 405-18-P022535

AWS Communications is a DIR vendor for network installation, products, and network related services for State Agencies and Educational Institutions. 

AWS Communications offers a full suite of network and communications infrastructure solutions including:

  • Structured Data Cabling
  • Fiber Optic Cabling
  • Passive Optical LAN Solutions – (GPON and POLS)
  • VoIP Integration Services
  • Wireless Networking Services
  • Data Center Build-out

Warranty Policies

AWS will provide a twelve (12) month on-site system warranty covering all products and services to correct any defect in the cable system and installation. Warranty will begin upon acceptance of the installed system, with acceptance being defined in the customer service agreement.

Appendix C – Pricing

Index AWS, LLC

AWS Communications offers network related products from the following manufacturers:

Manufacturer Discount
Chatsworth 15%
Panduit 15%
Corning 15%
Beldon 15%
Enrico 15%
TellLabs 10%
3M 10%
Aruba 10%
Nokia 20%
Legrand 15%
Ortronics 15%
Superior Essex 15%
CelFi 15%
Comba 15%
Westell 15%
Commscope 15%
JMA Wireless 15%
SOLiD 15%
G-Wave 5%
RFS 15%
Microlab 15%
TE Connectivity 15%
Surecall 15%
Amphenol 15%
Laird 15%
Kaelus 15%
Anritsu 15%
PolyPhaser 15%
RF Industries 15%
SpiderCloud 15%
Times Microwave 15%
Trilogy 15%
Ericsson 15%
Wireless Solutions 15%

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