Managed Services Provider for Commercial Properties and Municipalities

Generate recurring revenue from fiber infrastructure

For Commercial Property Owners

Building owners and managers now have the ability to generate recurring revenue from dark fiber installed in their facilities.

Functioning as a Managed Services Provider (MSP), AWS Communications installs fiber infrastructure for future use by tenants, building management, or others occupying the facility.

These “dark” fibers can be lit at any time, with their connectivity resold to the tenants, providing both AWS and the property manager / ownership group with recurring revenue.

  • Building owner secure fiber assets: building controls; security; public WiFi; digital signage
  • Recurring revenue opportunities include leasing dark fiber for:
    • VPN services,
    • Private networks
    • SD-WAN extensions
    • Telco Demarc extensions
    • Reselling internet access
      Non-public WiFi
    • Inter-office communication networks

Partner with AWS Communications to install fiber in your facility as a recurring revenue asset.

For Municipalities

AWS Communications also partners with municipalities and other public entities to install and operate fiber networks within communities.

In partnership with local communities, AWS provides fiber for exclusive use by the municipality to conduct its business, connect schools, libraries, public safety facilities, and more. Additional fiber is managed and leased to residents and businesses by AWS Communications.

AWS Communications can provide a comprehensive fiber infrastructure – including complete design services and installation – to any public entity. Please contact us for more information.

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