PON for IoT: Why fiber is a fit for the internet of things

AWS Communications CEO Bobby “Mack” McClung was recently quoted in an article at Enterprise IOT Insights on passive optical networks, and why they will lead directly to the Internet of Things (IoT):

“Passive optical LAN is perfect for internet of things because it has so much data capability and it distributes right out into the endpoints,” said Bobby McClung CEO of integrator AWS Communications. AWS specializes in fiber installations for in-building networks and McClung likes to call himself a “PON evangelist.” He’s talked a number of architects and builders out of traditional copper cable networks and into fiber.

McClung said that passive optical networks use the same technology and principles that Verizon and other service providers have employed to bring fiber to the home. FTTH may become a cornerstone of smart home solutions, because if households try to connect dozens of devices and appliances they may need more bandwidth than cable or wireless can provide.

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